Crafts for Kids: X is for X-Ray!

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X can be a little challenging to come up with a craft and is age appropriate. However, I was able to come up with something simple when I heard the phonics song. What more to teach your child about x-ray since they go to the dentist and need to get x-ray. Right?


Types of skills can include math, science, fine motor, dramatic play, social and emotional. Here is how this sheep applies these skills:


You can talk about shapes and sizes of different bones. Which bones are big and which one are small?


Providing the student with x-rays of teeth and bones will definitely make a child curious. You explain to the child how an x-ray machine works. It is just like a camera, except it sends x-rays instead of light into your body that passes through the skin to see the bone. Wow, right?

Fine Motor Skills

The child will use a pencil to trace and cut out the letter X.

Additionally, the child will use their fingers to pick up the cotton swabs and glue on the letter X.

Dramatic Play and Social/Emotional

The child can pretend to be a doctor or dentist and take an x-ray of a animal toy or doll.


Make sure you supervise your child when using scissors and other sharp items.


You will need a letter X template, black construction paper, 4 Q-tips for the bones, chalk, and glue.


First, provide the child with the “X” template and have them use a chalk to trace onto black construction paper and cut the letter.

Next, have the child squeeze enough glue on the letter and place each Q-tip diagonally on just as how the picture is shown.


You can use cotton balls instead of q-tips to represent the bone.

You can use white paint instead of the Q-tips.


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