Crafts for Kids: C is for Caterpillar!

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Check out this craft that kids can turn into a caterpillar for the letter C! Caterpillars fit into an insect category which can be uses to teach children the life cycle of a butterfly. At this age, children are curious and are easily amused to know how a “worm” can transform into a butterfly! What an amazing way to promote science, right? Not just that, you can read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book to the student before and after the craft.


Types of skills can include math, science, fine motor, dramatic play, social and emotional. Here is how this caterpillar applies these skills:


Ask the child how many circles are used to create their caterpillar, and ask them how many colors are on the letter C.


You could definitely incorporate this activity and talk about the life cycle of a butterfly!

Fine Motor Skills

Caterpillar crafts allow the child to work on fine motor skills in ways that strengthen fingers, works on hand eye coordination and helps with their precision.

The child will use their finger to place the circles on the “C” template to create their caterpillar.

Dramatic Play and Social/Emotional

The child can pretend to be a caterpillar eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and transform into a butterfly. They will be flying happily around their surroundings!


Make sure you supervise your child when using scissors and other sharp items.


You will use brown construction paper, markers, any colored yarn, scissors, and glue and/or tape.


Gather and prepare all of your materials. Have the child trace the template on a white construction paper and cut it out. Make sure to supervise the child when it is time for cutting.

Have the child use the circles and glue them on the letter C carefully, guiding them if necessary.

Once completed, have the child draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the head of the caterpillar. Usually it is the first circle on the right end of the upper circle.. Prompt the child if required, however, keep in mind that the caterpillar belongs to the child.

For the caterpillar’s antennas, you should cut the pipe cleaner. Make sure you have two antennas 1 inches for each caterpillar and glue them on the back of the caterpillar’s head. I tried it with glue, but used tape to reinforce the antennas and make sure they stick well.

With the green construction paper, cut 1 long rectangle to resemble the grass. And cut thin strips, but be carefully not to cut it completely off when making the grass. You may want to model this part to the child. If it doesn’t work, you may guide or do it for the child.

Finally, glue the grass on the front of the caterpillar! Give the child a high five because it was not easy cutting the grass and putting the circle on. It requires a lot of attention to get it right. It looks like an easy craft, but it can be time consuming for 3-4 years old who just want to finish their work and go play!


Instead of using circles, you can have the child using the “Dots” markers and put dots on the the letter C to create their caterpillar.

You can use black construction paper for the antennas to make gluing easier than using the pipe cleaner.

The grass is not required if you want a simple craft for the child. After all, it is their caterpillar and caterpillar can be found on the dirt or leaf!

Here comes the hungry caterpillar!

This letter craft for kids will help kids understand how a caterpillar turns into butterflies. Like a real life transformer!

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